Cities and Volcanoes Commission

The Cities and Volcanoes Commission (CaV) has a mission to provide a linkage between the volcanology community and emergency managers, to serve as a conduit for exchange of ideas and experience between “volcano cities”, and promote multi-disciplinary applied research, involving the collaboration of physical and social scientists and city officials.


There have been 11 Cities on Volcanoes conferences to date, with Cities on Volcanoes 12 to be held in Antigua, Guatemala from 11 Feb-17 Feb 2024.

commission presentation cov10

Commission presentation CoV10 (click to open presentation in new window)

In 1995 the “Volcanoes in Towns” meeting was held in Rome, Italy. From that developed the first “Cities on Volcanoes”, held in June-July 1998 in Rome and Naples, Italy with over 100 people attending. This was followed by the second in February 2001 in Auckland, New Zealand; the third in in July 2003 in Hilo, USA; the fourth in in January 2006 in Quito, Ecuador; the fifth in in November 2007 in Shimabara, Japan; the sixth in May 2010 in Tenerife, Spain; the seventh in November 2012 in Colima, Mexico; eighth in September 2014 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The ninth in November 2016 in Puerto Varas, Chile, and the tenth in September 2018 in Naples, Italy. The last meeting was held in Heraklion, Greece, in 2022.